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After initially voting to do so, the Maker community will not compensate investors who lost big on the lending platform during "Black Thursday's" price rout. ... lees verder
The yet-to-be-registered asset manager hopes to launch its VAL1 token later this year. ... lees verder
Mick Mulvaney joined the Chamber of Digital Commerce, Origin launched a stablecoin and DeFi Pulse fixed a bug. ... lees verder
How risky do you like it? Wallet shop Trustology is launching a "DeFi Firewall" to help institutional investors dabble in decentralized finance. ... lees verder
Ethereum data firm Dune Analytics, which has stood out from the pack for its focus on DeFi projects, has raised a $2 million seed round. ... lees verder
Messaging app company LINK has started a rewards program where people can get LINK tokens by using its remittance and investment mobile apps. ... lees verder
Origin is announcing Origin Dollars, or OUSD, a stablecoin whose reserves leverage decentralized finance (DeFi) so that balances grow wherever it resides. ... lees verder
Bitcoin price holds steady while ether in smart contracts reach a level not seen in four years. ... lees verder