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Recent clampdowns on ICOs by a number of nations, China being the most prominent, have been spurred by the need for more regulation. Currently trading in crypto-land can be a bit like going to the casino in the Wild West. There is no safety net and no regulation on ICOs; anyone can start something up. … Continue reading Ethereum and Waves to setup self-regulationThe post Ethereum and Waves to setup self-regulation appeared first on NEWSBTC. ... lees verder
Sanity? You weren't going to find it in the crypto world in 2017 according to author David Gerard. Insanity, though, there's plenty to go around... ... lees verder
The first day of trading for CBOE's bitcoin futures contracts is over and the day largely went according to plan, according to its CEO. ... lees verder
The price of bitcoin has pushed back above $17,000, hitting a new all-time high on CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) ... lees verder
The classified ads website Craigslist recently added the option for buyers and sellers to specify that they’d like to transact using cryptocurrency. The new feature was added late last week to little fanfare. It was another cryptocurrency news outlet that picked up the development that was subsequently reported in The Verge and other publications. To … Continue reading Craigslist Adds “Cryptocurrency Ok” Option to ListingsThe post Craigslist Adds “Cryptocurrency Ok” Option to Listings appeared first on NEWSBTC. ... lees verder
A California-based company has refunded a $15 million initial coin offering following an investigation by the SEC. ... lees verder
Having landed on Wall Street with a bang, bitcoin is solidly bid and looks set to scale new heights. ... lees verder
The French government has given the official nod for trading unlisted securities using blockchain technology. ... lees verder