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Risk aversion in the US stock markets yesterday may have worked in favor of the bitcoin bears. ... lees verder
Sia has released the formal code for an imminent hard fork that will block cryptocurrency mining firms like Bitmain from its blockchain network. ... lees verder
Global money-laundering watchdog, the Financial Action Task Force, has said it will draw up rules for cryptocurrency regulation by next summer. ... lees verder
In theory, traders can redeem USDT for dollars with the issuer, Tether Ltd. Instead, they appear to be cashing out through Kraken. ... lees verder
Ethereum's next upgrade, Constantinople, has been delayed until next year. ... lees verder
North Korea's infamous hacking group, dubbed Lazarus, has managed to steal over half a billion dollars in cryptocurrencies, a report indicates. ... lees verder
Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has just launched a solution that enables users to switch between different stablecoins. ... lees verder
What are cypherpunk legend Timothy May's thoughts on the bitcoin white paper? Keep the text but throw out the hanger-ons that have came with it. ... lees verder