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Bitcoin price started a decent increase above the $56,000 resistance against the US Dollar. BTC is showing positive signs and it could aim a break above $58,000. Bitcoin formed a support above $54,000 and it recovered above the $56,000 zone. The price is now trading above the $56,000 level and the 100 hourly simple moving […] ... lees verder
The epic rise of Dogecoin continues to split the crypto community. But one thing that’s not being disputed is DOGE’s unreal performance. In fact, investing stimulus money into DOGE shows a significant outperformance over Bitcoin. With a seemingly unstoppable surge, is now the time to admit we were wrong about Dogecoin? Source: DOGEUSD on TradingView.com […] ... lees verder
Dogecoin rally sparks speculation about the arrival of alt season as Ether continues hitting new highs and Bitcoin trades sideways. ... lees verder
A computer science engineer at Michigan State University has a word of advice for the millions of bitcoin owners who use smartphone apps to manage their cryptocurrency: don't. Or at least, be careful. ... lees verder
Bitcoin price extended its decline and tested the $53,000 zone against the US Dollar. BTC is correcting higher, but it is facing a lot of hurdles near $55,000 and $56,000. Bitcoin remained in a short-term bearish zone and it extended its decline to $53,000. The price is now trading well below the $56,000 level and […] ... lees verder
Litecoin is cleared for takeoff after a brutal downtrend against Bitcoin and the dollar. Could the cryptocurrency known as digital silver be the next altcoin to pop like Ethereum, Dogecoin, and the rest of the pack? Here’s a closer look at the technical signals suggesting a change in the tides is here – a reversal […] ... lees verder
Bitcoin price failed to continue higher towards $60,000 against the US Dollar. BTC declined sharply and tested the $54,500 support zone, where the bulls took a stand. Bitcoin failed to extend gains and it formed a short-term top near the $59,000 level. The price is now trading well below the $57,000 level and the 100 […] ... lees verder