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When it comes to making big money in trading, the trend is your friend. But spotting the trend early is challenging. That's where flags can help. ... lees verder
Bitcoin is flowing out of China, into California mansions – and changing global real estate patterns. ... lees verder
Coinbase formed a Political Action Committee, though it is unclear which candidates it plans to support at this time. ... lees verder
The latest crypto laws passed on the island of Malta haven't quite taken effect just yet. ... lees verder
A break could be imminent as bitcoin has been consolidating for three days. But while the charts say bullish, plenty of resistance awaits. ... lees verder
A project called Bitcoin OpTech is launching to ensure companies like Coinbase and Square know the best technologies out there to reduce user fees. ... lees verder
According to researchers at Cornell, blockchains utilizing on-chain voting – such as EOS and Tezos – are vulnerable to certain vote buying attacks. ... lees verder