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Blockchain startup CoinSciences has launched a new program aimed at getting more enterprise companies to work with blockchain. Source ... lees verder
It’s been a busy week on the blockchain front for Singapore’s central bank.Source ... lees verder
We asked for action in the bitcoin price, and it’s action we got. Things haven’t been this active on the intraday charts for months, and it finally looks like price might make its way through the elusive 700 mark near term. If it does, we expect a considerable upside momentum run as the shorts are … Continue reading Bitcoin Price Watch; The Upside Continues!The post Bitcoin Price Watch; The Upside Continues! appeared first on NEWSBTC. ... lees verder
The market for Zcash is surging – even before the new digital currency has started trading.Source ... lees verder
Can Swift stay relevant in a world of blockchain?Source ... lees verder
A small tweak to bitcoin could have a big impact.Source ... lees verder
The bitcoin price has undergone a healthy rise, and is hovering at around $668. Price expansions have been occurring on an incremental basis; anyone who expects bitcoin to strike the $700 mark overnight is undoubtedly expecting too much, yet it’s probably safe to say that should bitcoin continue its present route uninterrupted, it may hit … Continue reading Is the Bitcoin Price Moving Towards $700?The post Is the Bitcoin Price Moving Towards $700? appeared first on NEWSBTC. ... lees verder
US telecom giant AT&T is seeking a patent for a kind of home subscriber server that utilizes a blockchain.Source ... lees verder