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Several multinational telecoms firms have joined the Carrier Blockchain Study Group to advance blockchain use cases in the industry. ... lees verder
While a lot is still unclear about Venezuela's state-backed "petro" token, what is apparent is that many feel it's potentially harmful for its people. ... lees verder
Shifting to a distributed, blockchain-based infrastructure could bring huge financial benefits to the asset management industry, research indicates. ... lees verder
France's market regulator says crypto derivatives fall under MiFID II regulation and that they should not be electronically marketed. ... lees verder
Iran's central bank is developing a cryptocurrency, though it has no plans to embrace bitcoin. ... lees verder
Digital payments platform Uphold has acquired Cortex MCP, a mobile commerce platform. ... lees verder
The wider cryptocurrency market may be feeling the heat of a decline in bitcoin prices today. ... lees verder
India's tech industry is working with the Blockchain Research Institute to more heavily integrate blockchain into Indian businesses and government. ... lees verder