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Denver's Crypto-Cannabis Conference wants a marriage between the cryptocurrency and cannabis industry, but is the use case strong enough? ... lees verder
Data center power management firm Lancium filed a lawsuit against Layer1 today, alleging that the BTC mining firm’s operations had infringed upon its patent. ... lees verder
Bitcoin broke through $11,800 Friday while traders are anticipating an ether fall based on the options market. ... lees verder
Both the U.S. and China are advancing on their central bank digital currency (CBDC) designs while a Bitcoin developer created a new programming language. ... lees verder
Crypto traders are enjoying their own version of the market’s madness, from bitcoin’s bull run to the collapse of Yam to Dave Portnoy. ... lees verder
The New York attorney released the funds without authorization and lost investment firm Benthos Master Fund $4.6 million intended for a bitcoin purchase deal. ... lees verder
Marketed as a “decentralised job marketplace,” Boontech and its founder Rajesh Pavithran have settled charges of fraud and registration violation brought by the SEC. ... lees verder
The change comes with a six-month “grace period” ending in February. ... lees verder