The Greek people should be outraged if their Government approves this. It would prove that their Prime Minister Tsipras is just a shill for the ECB and does not represent the Greek people who voted NO to the EU. To exchange Greek land and other assets and in return receive more debt based currencies to add to a debt they can't ever repay is suicide. #ThisIsACoup. Bitcoin was started to help the people avoid Government controls over personal capital. The Genesis Block was released as the headlines across the world stated that Merkel bailed out the banks. Now 6 years later, Merkel demands the Greek's people property in return for more control by a group that the Greeks never elected or appointed. How did the world first democracy gave up their sovereignty for "economic security". We should all hope that there are still some free Greeks in Greece that will challenge this and would once again call to an end of their Debt based economy. Edit: source http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/jul/13/athens-and-eurozone-agree-bailout-deal-for-greece submitted by TheHavelock [link] [297 comments] > lees heel artikel