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A VC-backed blockchain firm that helped curate courses at Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge is rolling out programs at three California universities. ... lees verder
It may seem trivial in some cases, but digital anonymity is no joking matter to American whistleblower and privacy advocate Edward Snowden. ... lees verder
The White House advisories state "convertible virtual currencies," particularly bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, and monero, are actively being used on dark net markets. ... lees verder
Mobile wallets and other apps will soon be able to plug into Flexa's payment rails and offer crypto payments to retailers. ... lees verder
The banking company is latest major organization in the country to join the blockchain rush. ... lees verder
The prototype blockchain marketplace is aimed to support sustainable development and reward landowners for protecting the environment. ... lees verder
Facebook is reportedly already under investigation by the EU over antitrust issues related to its Libra cryptocurrency project. ... lees verder
Buterin said altering verification could lower fees by a factor of 100 per transaction, freeing space for organizations to build on the blockchain. ... lees verder