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Square’s Bitcoin revenues increased 600% year-over-year and a blockchain-based voting system in Russia may have been hacked. ... lees verder
The online investment platform is moving clients' crypto and fiat assets to a Hong Kong-based trust company. ... lees verder
The SIM swapping community entered the spotlight after helping the Twitter hacker breach the social media platform, but these threat actors have been going after the crypto community for years. ... lees verder
An early Facebook product designer-turned angel investor discusses how social media has changed and whether it can be changed again for the better. ... lees verder
The chemicals, though never delivered, would have been potent enough to kill 300 people, prosecutors say. ... lees verder
A weak bitcoin market is not stopping Ethereum-powered DeFi growth. ... lees verder
The Chicago DeFi Alliance (CDA) just launched one of the first accelerator programs devoted entirely to DeFi crypto startups. ... lees verder
The cryptocurrency and security token exchange has filed an updated IPO prospectus with the SEC, lowering the maximum expected raise and proposing a new launch date. ... lees verder