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What makes a nocoiner a nocoiner is not simply the absence of cryptocurrency from his investment portfolio, but his sanctimonious attitude about it. ... lees verder
A group of notable ethereum startups are partnering to create a new financial fund designed to boost the blockchain's ecosystem. ... lees verder
Having found weak hands above the $10,200 mark in Asian hours, bitcoin has slipped back into four figures. ... lees verder
Years after it was written off as a joke, dogecoin continues to prove useful, this time factoring into a major ethereum test. ... lees verder
A recent op-ed paints all ICOs with the same brush, claiming every one of them offers securities subject to SEC scrutiny. That is simply not the case. ... lees verder
The Japanese government said today that inspections will take place at 15 unlicensed cryptocurrency exchanges in light of a recent major hack. ... lees verder
Community members have taken to Github to express their discontent over a controversial proposal for lost fund recovery. ... lees verder
The SEC has temporarily halted trading of three companies after comments they made about cryptocurrency and blockchain-related business moves. ... lees verder