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Identity thieves now have another tool at their disposal: bitcoin hashing power. ... lees verder
AT&T has again argued against allegations it was in part responsible for a SIM-swap hack that cost crypto exec Seth Shapiro $1.8 million. ... lees verder
Bitcoin's up as Davos ends. This is CoinDesk's Crypto News Roundup for January 24, 2020. ... lees verder
Max Boonen, CEO of market maker B2C2, looks at recent trends in crypto market infrastructure. ... lees verder
Harmony is rolling out its token swap process, asking holders of its ERC-20 and BEP-2 tokens to switch to its own native asset to participate in staking and other activities. ... lees verder
The word from Davos is blockchain not crypto, cashless futures, and CBDCs, while Brekkie von Bitcoin gives us his take on the emergent field of bitcoin art. ... lees verder
Independent Reserve will expand to Singapore to take advantage of its "overwhelmingly positive" regulatory response. ... lees verder
Middle Eastern elites at the World Economic Forum are highly skeptical of bitcoin, but there are whispers about its potential for cross-border settlements in the energy sector. ... lees verder