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North Korea has denied a recent U.N. report suggesting it was behind major hacks that reaped around $2 billion for its weapons programs. ... lees verder
The entrepreneur has cited Hurricane Dorian as the reason he needs more time to challenge a recent court order. ... lees verder
Crypto exchange Liquid has disclosed a wallet address where the proceeds from its July sale of Telegram's GRAM tokens are being held in escrow. ... lees verder
The government may not allow the coin to trade on a domestic exchange so it will look to other countries. ... lees verder
Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has launched two test platforms for its crypto futures products, with users to decide the official version. ... lees verder
Mark Carney's recent statements about a new digital global currency has opened the door to fresh ideas built on blockchain, Michael J Casey writes. ... lees verder
Dharma is getting out of the lending business, launching its V2 on the Compound protocol and focusing on savings accounts for DAI and USDC. ... lees verder
McAfee said some of the attacks had worm capabilities, allowing it to jump from server to server. ... lees verder