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SAP is the latest tech giant to have rolled out a technology framework aimed to let enterprise build blockchain-based applications. ... lees verder
There are now two EOS blockchains being tested by rival groups. And while that might be worrisome, the groups say they'll work together in the end. ... lees verder
Coinbase announced Wednesday that it was acquiring three financial services firms in a bid to receive a federal securities license. ... lees verder
Northern Trust Corporation has been granted a patent for a system to create immutable records of meetings on a blockchain. ... lees verder
The top U.S. futures regulator has denied a FOIA request related to cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex and the closely-linked 'stablecoin' operator Tether. ... lees verder
Three years after Ripple shelved Codius, Stefan Thomas is bringing the smart contract platform back to life with his eyes set on disrupting Ethereum. ... lees verder
South Africa Reserve Bank indicates that tests of a blockchain-based system for interbank clearance and settlement produced astonishing results. ... lees verder
Less than a year since Casper was formalized, ethereum clients are starting to test a smart contract for the network's big consensus change. ... lees verder