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BloombergWhat's a Bitcoin Look Like? Popular Photograph Has StoryBloombergIndeed, dozens of media outlets, including Bloomberg News, have published Frey's pictures. The image used here -- dated April 26, 2013 -- happens to rank as the most popular bitcoin photograph on Gettyimages.com. But if a bitcoin isn't a physical ...and more » ... lees verder
Bankers Debate Bitcoin at Sibos 2014CoinDeskInnotribe's bitcoin series included talks on regulation, disruption and the future of investment in the space. The crowd, comprised of a mix of digital currency veterans and novices alike, displayed an enthusiasm and critical eye that largely defined ...The Rogues Taking on the Old Banking EliteHuffington Postall 4 news articles » ... lees verder
Bitcoin Is Growing Up: Now You Can Hedge Your InvestmentsBloombergChristian Martin and Leonard Nuara go to a lot of bitcoin conferences, and, at 49 and 55, respectively, they invariably feel old. “Everyone else is 25 and good-looking,” Nuara says. The graybeards are trying to help bitcoin grow up. Their company ...and more » ... lees verder
Sibos 2014 included a day of seminars on bitcoin and the future of block chain applications. ... lees verder
Dignitas: Fighting AIDS with BitcoinBitcoin MagazineOut of all of the Bitcoin-accepting charity representatives I've had the pleasure to interact with, Anne Connelly was the most sincere. Although she admits it started as a publicity stunt, she claims her interest grew the more she learned about it, and ... ... lees verder
CoinDeskPayPal: Bitcoin Partnerships Will Help Us Study Consumer BehaviorCoinDeskThough long rumored, the news that PayPal had formally aligned its business with bitcoin dominated headlines this week due to the company's size, brand recognition and influence as an early pioneer and dominant player in online payments. For PayPal ...and more » ... lees verder
Financial NewsBitcoin: Magic, Fraud, or Sufficiently Advanced Technology?: Part IBitcoin MagazineArthur C. Clarke's third law famously states: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” What Bitcoin makes possible can at first seem almost magical, or just impossible (and therefore most likely fraudulent or otherwise ...Cryptocurrencies have 'some way to go'Financial Newsall 2 news articles » ... lees verder
Circle's Bitcoin bank is now open to everyone in the worldEngadgetWhen Circle's Bitcoin bank launched in May, the only way that you could sign up was if you had an invitation. From today, however, the nascent financial institution has opened its doors to everyone in the world. Circle is pitching itself as a ... ... lees verder