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Robocoin has released a new YouTube video previewing its forthcoming bitcoin banking and remittance service. ... lees verder
Retailers Who Take Bitcoin Love ItMashableIf you've been following the news about Bitcoin, you've probably come away with the idea that the currency is unstable, potentially lucrative and more of a novelty than an actual payment method that people use on a daily basis. Retailers who take ... ... lees verder
For bitcoin companies, hiring talent can be a challenge, but new companies are forming to provide a solution. ... lees verder
Bitcoin-Like Money Is Ecuador's Latest Dollar-Saving PlanBloombergEcuador is developing its own electronic tender as digital currencies led by bitcoin have gained acceptance as a means of payment that have been promoted as a replacement for traditional money. Unlike Ecuador's plan, most virtual currencies were ...Bitcoin-like money is Ecuador's dollar-saving planSCNowall 3 news articles » ... lees verder
ForbesEurope's Bitcoin Entrepreneurs Winning Investor Seal Of ApprovalForbesIn the second quarter of this year bitcoin start-ups raised over $76.8 million; not far short of the $85 million raised in the whole of 2013 While VC investment in bitcoin is far higher in the US than in Europe – $200 million compared with around $10 ... ... lees verder
MIT BitComp, a summer-long, app-creation competition at the prestigious university, has named its second-round winners. ... lees verder

“The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads,” entrepreneur and technologist Jeff Hammerbacher once said, paraphrasing Beat poet Allen Ginsberg in a sadly truthful characterization of the modern day tech industry.The thing is, a lot of people who work in advertising-fueled tech products have said that they’re intrigued by the [...]
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Bridging the Talent Gap in the Bitcoin IndustryCoinDeskThe simple fact is, although many startups are founded and initially run by small, experienced teams, bitcoin entrepreneurs must hire skilled staff in order to execute their company's vision. BitPay, for example, one of the industry's largest merchant ...Free, Unlimited, Forever – BitPay's New Pricing PlanBitcoin Magazineall 3 news articles » ... lees verder