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Decentralized marketplace startup Origin Protocol is looking to raise $6.6 million via a token sale with help from CoinList. ... lees verder
The Department of Homeland Security has awarded a grant to blockchain project Factom for live testing a platform for securing camera and sensor data. ... lees verder
Two of Russia's largest banks are planning to launch a cryptocurrency portfolio product for their private banking clients, Kommersant reported. ... lees verder
Nvidia is supporting a blockchain startup as part of its Inception Program, which seeks to support artificial intelligence development. ... lees verder
A city government in China is mulling the creation of a "blockchain digital asset exchange," but no one is quite sure what it means. ... lees verder
Digital identity is scattered and insecure. ConsenSys' uPort project wants to rework the internet to make "self-sovereign identity" a reality. ... lees verder
When Wells Fargo thinks your video game company is a money services business, it's time to start educating people in other fields about blockchain. ... lees verder
Bitcoin is still in recovery mode, but the bulls must keep prices above key support to maintain momentum. ... lees verder