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Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 21/5/2015 – Nearing the Bears' Mansion!newsBTCUS dollar weakened against a basket of major currencies, including Bitcoin, following the release of Fed meeting minutes which completely ruled out a June rate hike. Consequently, bearish positions were liquidated which led to a price advance to $234 ... ... lees verder
A bill calling for specific regulation of digital currencies has been approved by the North Carolina House of Representatives. ... lees verder
Daily BeastBitcoins Overblown Wall Street DebutDaily BeastNext, the NASDAQ announced a full blown experiment using bitcoin (there's bitcoin and there's Bitcoin, but we'll get to that in a moment) to run a tiny market for initial public offerings (IPOs). The hope is that it is more efficient and less costly ...Nasdaq Signals Confidence in Bitcoin, Not Just the BlockchainAmerican BankerBitcoin in South America: Progress in the Face of CriticismInside BitcoinsBitcoin Is Drawing Interest From Nasdaq and NYSE, but Are Investors Ready?TheStreet.comBBC News -Nasdaq -Top Tech Ne ... lees verder
EngadgetPropose to your beloved with this Bitcoin engagement ringEngadgetSo, since the act is already about ostentatious displays of wealth, why not invest your money in something more useful than a big rock -- like Bitcoin? That's the idea behind the Bitcoin ring, a 3D-printed piece of jewelry with a QR code that lets ...Nothing says everlasting love like a Bitcoin engagement ringMashable24-Karat gold bitcoin gift for BTCFlap customersPacket OnlineThe BTC Ring: A Bitcoin Wedding RingnewsBTC3DPrint.com -MarketWatchall 22 news articles » ... lees verder
CryptoCoinsNewsBitcoin 1, PayPal 0: PayPal Fined $10 Million for Deceptive PracticesCryptoCoinsNewsThe crux of their deception was enrolling customers into a credit program without their consent, creating a situation where people were on the hook for credit they'd never asked for. As you know, any credit program can have an effect on your credit score.and more » ... lees verder
UK-based digital assets service provider Elliptic has partnered with Gem to offer a custodian service for the private keys of multisig wallets. ... lees verder
Bitnik Launches Reload, A Solution for Automated Bitcoin RepurchasingCoinDeskReload binds your Bitcoin wallet to your Bitcoin exchange account. Now you can relax and spend your bitcoins on goods and services, while Reload rebuys on the fly, making sure that your bitcoin supply doesn't get smaller. Bitnik, a Slovenian based ... ... lees verder
Fast CompanyMeet Ether, The Bitcoin&Like Cryptocurrency That Could Power The Internet Of ...Fast CompanyAt CES this past January, IBM researcher Veena Pureswaran described the company's joint plan with Samsung to get home appliances to exchange cryptocurrency with one another. The currency, called Ether, is similar to Bitcoin, except that the traded ... ... lees verder