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Retail giant Walmart is exploring a way to let households manage their electricity bills with prepayments in cryptocurrency. ... lees verder
A county in the U.S. state of Montana has postponed a decision on whether it should temporarily ban new bitcoin mining projects. ... lees verder
The doors may be open for Cboe to launch an ether futures product, following a recent comment from the SEC that the cryptocurrency is not a security. ... lees verder
Token swaps are becoming common, but what do they mean for users and investors? CoinDesk explores the evolving art of blockchain migrations. ... lees verder
The EOS blockchain went live this week, sparking debate and commentary from cryptocurrency's avid social media users. ... lees verder
Swedish Land Registry and Blockchain project have concluded their third phase of testing with a full demonstration. ... lees verder
A developer meeting Friday saw ethereum's developers discuss a proposal that would see two of its most anticipated upgrades update together. ... lees verder
A smart contract auditing startup is trying to quell a community uproar a week after token-holders began raising concerns about the project. ... lees verder