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So that’s the week pretty much done in our bitcoin price trading efforts and it’s been a pretty strong one. We’ve seen the bitcoin price gain a considerable amount of strength across the week, with initial starting levels of in and around 2200 now very much in the rear view mirror. The hope is that … Continue reading Bitcoin Price Watch; A Strong Close To The WeekThe post Bitcoin Price Watch; A Strong Close To The Week appeared first on NEWSBTC. ... lees verder
A new Federal Reserve report highlights creative proposals for how the central bank might adapt to changes in technology.Source ... lees verder
Cato Institute's Jim Harper argues that, since the scaling debate is so political, the community has something to learn from Washington, D.C. Source ... lees verder
A subsidiary of global consulting firm NRI has announced the launch of a new blockchain system assessment service.Source ... lees verder
The ever elusive Satoshi Nakamoto was the inspiration for the above art piece by the international contemporary artist Vesa Kivinen. He is giving blockchain and cryptocurrency a new kind of visual credibility and a public artist face through his recently released platform ArtForCrypto.com ”Pushback” has a recent Bitcoin curve as the backdrop for the fight … Continue reading Art about and for the new moneyThe post Art about and for the new money appeared first on NEWSBTC. ... lees verder
A U.K. blockchain startup has received a notable grant to continue its work with the technology.Source ... lees verder
If you've ever bought a used car you'll understand why BigchainDB has developed a platform that tracks vehicle history on a blockchain.Source ... lees verder
Perpetrators who exploited a flaw in a popular ethereum wallet software yesterday have taken steps to sell their stolen funds.Source ... lees verder