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Lithuania's Ministry of Finance has published guidance on ICOs, outlining how different aspects of token offerings should be regulated. ... lees verder
Former chair of the FDIC, Sheila Bair, writes on the viability of CBDCs and their need for further investigation. ... lees verder
Quebec has halted approvals for new cryptocurrency mining operations while it draws up new rules and may raise energy costs. ... lees verder
A platform for managing token sales, spun out of the famed investment platform AngelList, has raised funds from a notable cast of investors. ... lees verder
Dapps have not achieved anything like the userbases of centralized applications, but a few have made a promising start. ... lees verder
Rather than simply an expedient way for porn performers and other sex workers to get paid, crypto has become a part of their retirement savings plan. ... lees verder
Bitcoin could be in for a big move as the daily trading range tightens, but will the bulls or the bears gain the upper hand? ... lees verder
A patent filing from Mastercard explores how to use public blockchains to securely verify card credentials at the point of sale. ... lees verder