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South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has been found not guilty of tax evasion, but now faces a massive tax bill, according to reports. ... lees verder
The Moscow Exchange wants to list information about token sales, its CEO said Friday. However, the exchange won't directly sell tokens. ... lees verder
Ethereum uses transparency as part of its security but potential problems with data exposure are now being addressed. ... lees verder
Several leading institutions are working towards producing tokenized digital central bank money, a more viable approach than unbacked crypto-assets. ... lees verder
At a vote of the coalition launching EOS last night, process troubles and a visit by the software's creator seemed to cause the latest delay. ... lees verder
The candidates for EOS's equivalent of "miners" have voted tonight to move the hotly anticipated blockchain to its next launch phase. ... lees verder
The Deputy Governor of the Bank of Italy believes that central banks are not yet ready to issue institute-backed digital currencies. ... lees verder
R3 is reportedly running low on cash – and judging by the social media response, the crypto-community isn't showing much sympathy. ... lees verder