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Even though big pools have become the dominant winners in Bitcoin mining, solo miners are occasional reminders of Bitcoin's probabilistic design. ... lees verder
James Bromley, a partner at Sullivan & Cromwell, said former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has been stirring the pot by “lashing out” on Twitter. ... lees verder
Former chief executive of bitcoin and crypto exchange BitMex Arthur Hayes has warned a "disastrous global financial meltdown" could be about to crash the bitcoin price and crypto ... ... lees verder
Money-making associations with cryptocurrencies misrepresent them as just currencies and fail to acknowledge the diverse applications of the technology. ... lees verder
It’s the latest case to emerge from Avraham Eisenberg’s “highly profitable trading strategy.” ... lees verder
Chairman and CEO of JP Morgan Chase Jamie Dimon shared his thoughts about crypto and bitcoin on CNBC's Squawk Box on Thursday morning. ... lees verder
Eric Snyder, partner at Wilk Auslander LLP, says that a substantial amount of haircuts are likely to be made, but that depends on the petition Genesis’ trio of companies filed. ... lees verder
Bitcoin soars past $23,000 on Saturday, its highest level since September, as the crypto currency market recovered some ground in early 2023. ... lees verder