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From Boeing to Bitcoin in this week's discussion we're talking about our disrupted reality, the politically expedient path forward, why it almost certainly won't work, the alternatives to it, what this means for bitcoin and what you can do to help. ... lees verder
Coinbase reported record site traffic and a massive surge in 24-hour trading volume during last week’s coronavirus-driven market swings. ... lees verder
The Fed doesn’t plan to destroy banknotes as China did, but it has a stockpile of fresh greenbacks should it need to replace what’s in circulation. ... lees verder
CoinDesk reporter Leigh Cuen is joined by cognitive economist Leigh Caldwell, author of “The Psychology of Price,” to talk about mental health and cryptocurrency in a time of coronavirus crisis. ... lees verder
This liquidity crunch and ensuing government intervention is laying the foundation for bitcoin’s adoption as a safe haven asset. ... lees verder
Could there be better uses of cyrptocurrency proof of work rather than just solving arbitrary cryptographic problems? ... lees verder
Central banks have four good reasons to adopt digital currency: financial stability, identity management, inclusion and consumer protection. ... lees verder
U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler and her husband sold up to $3.5 million in stock after a Jan. 24 briefing on COVID-19, but ICE says the transactions were conducted by financial advisors who had no input from the two. ... lees verder