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The amount of exchange-held Bitcoin is an indicator of the overall market sentiment. Generally, the supply of bitcoin on exchanges jumps when BTC is transferred to exchanges to be sold. ... lees verder
Bitcoin (BTC) bear markets come in many shapes and sizes, but this one has given many reason to panic. BTC has been described as facing "a bear of historic proportions" in 2022, but just one year ... ... lees verder
Given their significant bitcoin holdings, some analysts point to miner sales as another factor weighing on bitcoin prices.(REUTERS) Bitcoin miners have been forced to tap into their cryptocurrency ... ... lees verder
The price of Bitcoin was around $21,400 this morning, roughly flat over the past 24 hours and up three per cent since this time last week. ... lees verder
Following the recent upward correction, Bitcoin rallied to the high of $22,020 as it faced rejection at the recent high. First and foremost, if the bulls break the $22,000 resistance zone ... ... lees verder
Nick Black explains why he feels like we're hitting the bottom of Bitcoin's recent slide, and gives his advice on what to do next ... ... lees verder
But for anyone who cares to look, and who’s paid attention to Bitcoin’s history, it’s clear that such sentiment is wholly premature and entirely overblown. It’s also important to contextualise the ... ... lees verder
Bitcoin’s value has fallen sharply, and no one knows what will happen to it next, bringing previously ignored risks into focus. ... lees verder