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The price of bitcoin has steadied above $55,000 following a strong surge at the start of the week. The rally was spurred on by positive news in the crypto space, pushing BTC to a five-month high. On ... ... lees verder
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President Nayib Bukele has promoted the cryptocurrency as a path to financial freedom, but economic experts and many Salvadorans worry the move brings great risks. ... lees verder
Altcoins, or alternative coins, are any cryptocurrencies not bitcoin. Learn why and how altcoins emerged, and their evolution from obscurity to a major driving force in the crypto markets. ... lees verder
Today, the Bitcoin price has dropped sharply above the $48,000 support. The implication is that buyers have the advantage to push BTC price to retest the $50,000 overhead resistance. Today ... ... lees verder
The chief executive of financial advisory group deVere has said he expects ethereum to continue to outpace bitcoin this year and has given cardano's ADA token a September price target of $3, up 16% ... ... lees verder
Bitcoin has dipped under $50,000 as low transaction volumes fail to offer enough support for the price momentum to remain bullish. ... lees verder