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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have faced challenges amid increasing pressure from the Federal Reserve on financial markets. With the U.S. national debt skyrocketing to an astounding $33 trillion, ... ... lees verder
BTC price faces pullback risks thanks to bearish on-chain movements and challenging technical resistance levels. Bitcoin (BTC) received a substantial boost ... ... lees verder
In a highly bullish case, the gains could send Bitcoin price past the 100-day EMA at $27,310 or, in highly ambitious cases, extend a neck higher into the psychological $28,000 level to tag $28,113. ... lees verder
The Bitcoin landscape is no stranger to debates and predictions. Two dominant theories are currently at the forefront: the 4-Year Cycle and the Elliot Impulse ... ... lees verder
While Bitcoin (BTC) remains on track to end its six-year streak of September losses, a modest pullback ahead of what could be an imminent federal government shutdown could put this month’s advance in ... ... lees verder
Bitcoin, the first and most prominent cryptocurrency, has been a topic of intense discussion and speculation since its inception in 2009. Its price has seen ... ... lees verder
In recent days, the cryptocurrency market has witnessed a renewed interest, evidenced by a staggering 78% growth in trading volume. ... lees verder
Bitcoin is still in a bullish reversal when looking at this year's price chart. BTC price has gained 70% after bottoming out at around $16,800 in November 2022, defying rate hike ... ... lees verder