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CryptoCoinsNewsBitcoin News in Review: Bitcoin Price Drop, Dogecoin's Decline, Ecuador Bans ...CryptoCoinsNewsBitcoin News in Review: Bitcoin Price Drop, Dogecoin's Decline, Ecuador Bans Bitcoin, Welcome back to another Bitcoin News in Review, where we feature some of the biggest stories of the week here on CryptoCoins News. This week, there was a drop in the ...and more » ... lees verder
NBC ChicagoBitcoin Currency Gains in PopularityNBC ChicagoBitcoin, a mysterious currency that first appeared five years ago, is widely accepted as more people embrace the digital money. But it's not without controversy. "I started getting more into it when a poker site I was playing announced they would have ...Australians turn to bitcoins to boost retirement savingsSydney Morning HeraldBitcoin Foundation Canada: Regulations Won't Go into Effect until 2015CoinTelegraphNew York State First State to Regulate the BitcoinDailyForex.com (blog)all 13 news articles » ... lees verder
OKCoin's futures platform allows bitcoin earners to set fixed values and professional traders to hedge against volatility. ... lees verder
Het einde van cash: de voor- en nadelen van digitaal geldElsevierDe Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) en het ministerie van Financiën benadrukken in rapporten en communiqués telkens dat de digitale ontwikkelingen moeten leiden tot mínder contant geld, niet tot het totale verdwijnen ervan. 'Het doel is less cash, niet ...and more » ... lees verder
This is the final quiz of a three part series of quizzes designed to assist the reader to know thyself as the great Greek philosopher Socrates once advised.If you were smart or lucky enough to pass the beginner and intermediate level bitcoin quizzes, you might be ready for the last part of the bitcoin quiz designed to identify areas you may find yourself [...] ... lees verder
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CryptoCoinsNewsDogecoin to Allow Litecoin Merge Mining in Network Security BidCoinDeskThe dogecoin development team has announced that it will soon enable auxiliary proof-of-work (AuxPoW), allowing merge-mining with litecoin that will address concerns over the altcoin's future. AuxPoW enables the dogecoin block chain to receive work ...Dogecoin to Merge-Mine with LitecoinCryptoCoinsNewsCryptocurrency Round-Up: Argentina Bitcoin Adoption and Dogecoin Merge ...International Business Times UKalle 5 nieuwsartikelen » ... lees verder
Nee, dit is niet het einde van de bitcoinRTL NieuwsMijn telefoon stond weer even roodgloeiend deze week. Reden: een bitcoin-slaat-niet-aan-artikel in de Volkskrant. “Hoi Frederieke, niemand betaalt nog met bitcoin. Wat vind jij daarvan?” Wat ik daarvan vind? Logisch. Wat had de redacteur van de ... ... lees verder