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A reading of a piece by a Yale professor and former head of Morgan Stanley Asia arguing the dollar’s status is changing rapidly. ... lees verder
Crypto-dollarization is the world's next best hope to meet its insatiable demand for U.S. dollars. ... lees verder
Coinbase will host its first investor day while a protocol arms race unfolds in Latin America. ... lees verder
In its latest major release, Electrum now supports a number of innovations that could make using Lightning more secure and less bumpy for users. ... lees verder
Analysts expect bitcoin’s positive correlation to traditional markets to continue and strengthen. ... lees verder
"Now anyone could be an investor in one of the most cutting-edge technology companies out there. All they needed was an internet connection and at least 0.01 bitcoin." ... lees verder
Jobless claims are down, coronavirus cases are up and the markets simply don’t know what to do. ... lees verder
Bottlepay remodeled its whole product to comply with EU regulations. Roughly 1,000 people are now on the waitlist for the app's relaunch. ... lees verder