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Long Reads Sunday features excerpts about public and private markets, the new bitcoin bull market, and DJ Marshmello. ... lees verder
We wanted a permissionless system where users set the rules. We got a new financial toy for a small handful of wealthy companies and individuals. ... lees verder
The attacker attempted to double-spend roughly $3.3 million during the second attack. ... lees verder
EFF said the bill is a serious threat to citizens' privacy; the immutability of a blockchain means false diagnoses can't be erased. ... lees verder
Programmable money can protect against politicians debasing currencies to satisfy their own interests. ... lees verder
From the price of coffee to the national debt as a percentage of GDP, these 11 numbers provide a picture of a fast changing global economy. ... lees verder
From positive price indicators to a new all time high in smallholder addresses, this is the evidence a new bull run might be starting. ... lees verder
Decentralized tools were not the default solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the protocols being built today will be ready for whatever comes next. ... lees verder