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Google Analyst: Bitcoin Could Be 'The Internet of Money'CoinDeskBitcoin holds potential to act as “the Internet of money” if regulated correctly, according to a new report from Google policy advisor Andy Lee. In an article for Internet Policy Review, Yee, who works as an analyst for Google's Asia-Pacific division ... ... lees verder
MidasCoin and the Midas Payment Network launch in four days. The official launch will mark the beginning of one of the most ambitious cryptocurrency projects to date. MidasCoin introduces a host of new features to cryptocurrency, and the project got off the ground without an IPO, pre-mine or insta-mine. The centralized nature of MidasCoin goes against the grain of traditional [...] ... lees verder
Belgische studio succesvol op...Telegraaf.nlMaar liefst 2.160 mensen hebben geld gedoneerd. Bij Kickstart krijg je in ruil voor een investering vaak wat terug. Voor $15 krijgen mensen Woolfe gratis en voor $1.000 mag je meewerken aan het ontwikkelen van een nieuwe baasgevecht en de game ...and more » ... lees verder
Lawyer: Charleston man victim of mistaken identity in DEA bitcoin seizureCharleston Post CourierA Charleston man linked to the first-ever law enforcement seizure of digital bitcoins might have been the victim of mistaken identity, according to a writer who chronicles the so-called "crypto-currency." The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration last ... ... lees verder
Hey girls and guys,  I am new to Bitcoin and have been doing g alot of research.  I have also made my own website to educate other Bitcoin users and I would like some feedback on what I have done so far.  The address is: bestbitcoins.org Please let m... ... lees verder
The Canberra TimesHow many people actually use bitcoin in Canberra?The Canberra TimesCanberra software developer Zakaria Boughuettaya, who designed the MyBus 2.0 mobile application for ACTION Buses with his business partner Andrew Clapham, said only 20 bitcoin transactions had been registered since the launch of the application ...and more » ... lees verder
Huobi has sold all subscriptions to 'Dig-VC', a 60-day fixed-term product designed to fund its new mining platform. ... lees verder
Farm In Michigan Growing Local Bitcoin EconomyBitcoin MagazineArbor Hills Farm is run by Katie Shafer, a yoga instructor/farmer who previously studied physics at Michigan State University, and Dan Till, who studied economics and Chinese at University of Michigan and currently runs a Bitcoin Consulting business: ...and more » ... lees verder