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MidasCoin and the Midas Payment Network launch in four days. The official launch will mark the beginning of one of the most ambitious cryptocurrency projects to date. MidasCoin introduces a host of new features to cryptocurrency, and the project got off the ground without an IPO, pre-mine or insta-mine. The centralized nature of MidasCoin goes against the grain of traditional [...]
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CheapAir.com Now Accepts Dogecoin, LitecoinnewsBTCGood news if you're a cryptocurrency enthusiast and a traveler that uses CheapAir.com. The Calabasas, California-based service, which is well known in the community for their accepting of bitcoin payments has expanded their crypto-related reach by now ... ... lees verder
guys still selling pm mefast way to contact is on skypeor email meremove spaceamericanboy618 @ yahoo . dotcom ... lees verder
CoinDeskWhy New Forms of Spam Could Bloat Bitcoin's Block ChainCoinDeskIn fact, some kind of protection is built in to the bitcoin system too. One effort made known on Reddit regarding the sending of 0.00000001 BTC to addresses advertising a bitcoin gambling service did not receive confirmations from the network because ...and more » ... lees verder
Bewindvoerder (48) voor de rechter wegens verduisteren geldRTV UtrechtUTRECHT - De zaak van de bewindvoerder uit Bilthoven die verdacht wordt van het stelen van tienduizenden euro's van cliënten is woensdag uitgesteld. De 48-jarige Mary V. uit Bilthoven zou grote bedragen hebben overgeboekt naar haar eigen rekening.and more » ... lees verder
Hey there,I'm selling an Origin Account with Battlefield 4 Premium (all guns and DLC), Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box and Dead Space 3Asking 50 USD on Paypal or Bitcoin equivalent of such value, can use Escrow of your choice if neededIf you are inte... ... lees verder
The GuardianFinTech Manifesto: Government Should Make UK Bitcoin-FriendlyCoinDeskThis should include looking at the regulation of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. HMRC should take the lead in being one of the first tax authorities to establish a framework relating to tax, VAT and other compliance requirements related to ...UK entrepreneurs: we need better visas, better internet and a better ICOThe Guardian150 startups and VCs back The Startup ManifestoTech City Newsall 15 news articles » ... lees verder
Coin Academy has been set up as an online learning site dedicated entirely to bitcoin and digital currencies. ... lees verder