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A new wallet service called 'Ninki' aims to be a social network for payments and streamline bitcoin payments. ... lees verder
QuoteViolet,one kind of elegant and beautiful flower;Violet, one kind of mysterious and exalted color;Violet Stock,a place full of  surprise and miracle.Here,get huge profits,double your money in several days,earn much money and no need investing, an... ... lees verder
VentureBeatHow Bitcoin might transform international payments — a lifeline for millionsVentureBeatOn the very first block of bitcoin, its mysterious creator had commented: “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.” He too, has experienced Jamie Dimon's unbelievable week in America. As a result, he has crafted a new way ...and more » ... lees verder
FxPips.comLitecoin Signals Bearish ContinuationFxPips.comBearish Outlook: Litecoin has opened up a medium-term bearish outlook since it broke below a support pivot at 6.66. It has opened up the 2014 low at 2.21, which was established by a dramatic spike in July 1st, after which price came right back up to ... ... lees verder
Should Bitcoin Users Trust Hosted Wallets?CoinDeskIn bitcoin's early days, there were not many options for storing coins: users had to download the Bitcoin-QT client to keep the cryptocurrency. That way, the platform storing the wallet provided as much security as the user required, with the option of ... ... lees verder
Bitcoin users have had their confidence shaken by hosted web wallets in the past. So should they be trusted? ... lees verder
Abendzeitung MünchenInternet: Telekom: Breitband-Ausbau kostet MilliardenAbendzeitung MünchenIm Oktober sollten Rahmenbedingungen mit der Wirtschaft besprochen werden. Voraussichtlich im nächsten Jahr vergebe die Bundesnetzagentur dann weitere Funkfrequenzen. Aus den Erlösen solle "ein Großteil" wieder in die digitale Wirtschaft fließen."MITTE DER WOCHE STELLT DIE BUNDESREGIERUNG IHRE ?"Ad-Hoc-News (Pressemitteilung)all 114 news articles » ... lees verder
Hello everyoneI`m thinking about building a business with a friend of mine. The business would use bitcoin as its primer currency, because we expect most of the transactions to be rather small amounts of money (1 to 5 $). I don`t really want to go in... ... lees verder