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Bitcoin is the greatest online currency with no fees involved where you can trade money to people in an instant! It is also a great site as there are also many ways to make money with bitcoin and it is like a savings account, making your money stored i... ... lees verder
Duitse start-up wil chip bouwen die energiekosten Bitcoin-mining halveertTweakersEen Duitse start-up heeft plannen om een chip te bouwen waarmee het minen van bitcoins goedkoper moet worden. De bewuste chip wordt op een lager voltage dan gebruikelijk ingesteld en moet zo het energieverbruik, vergeleken met conventionele chips, ... ... lees verder
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I agree, it would make it easier for newbies like me to get used to the forum. ... lees verder
CoinDeskEurope Inches Towards A Decision on Bitcoin VATCoinDeskA recent legal referral in the EU may be inching the region a little closer to more unity on one small element of bitcoin taxation, but it won't do much to help global confusion on the matter. In June, Sweden asked Europe's highest court, the European ...and more » ... lees verder
DISH customers can now pay their monthly TV bills in bitcoin. ... lees verder
HYPER is designed to be a low energy 100% proof of stake coin: PoW mining is only available for the first two weeks before the coin shifts to the 100% PoS phase 1. Coins will stake daily at an interest rate of 5% per month. HYPER is also designed to b... ... lees verder
Guardian Liberty VoiceBitcoin Expands as Stock Price FallsGuardian Liberty VoiceBitcoin, a crypto-currency, relies on stock holders and currency exchanges for expansion, one keeping the other from price falls that halt growth to the market. Without government sanctions or backing, the popular currency looks to offer their ... ... lees verder