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The token has risen 13% this week and is up 34% for the year. The blockchain has the second most users, according to one research group. ... lees verder
Senator Ted Cruz introduced a measure in the Senate Wednesday advocating for crypto payments within areas of the Capitol, a sign of Republicans’ continued focus on rules related to digital assets. The ... ... lees verder
Following FTX’s swift, stunning collapse last November, crypto industry participants, lawmakers and regulators alike have all been mulling the same questions: Why were regulators blindsided by FTX’s implosion, and more importantly, how can the next crypto crisis be prevented? ... lees verder
Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs has reported that bitcoin has been the best-performing asset in the world during the first month of 2023—outperforming gold, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq ... lees verder
Bitcoin prices climbed yesterday, reaching their highest in over five months. In spite of this, the digital currency is down sharply from its all-time high reached in 2021. Where will the ... ... lees verder
The underlying blockchain was developed by former Meta employees. ... lees verder