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“We expect volatility to remain under pressure until mid [to] late August,” said one trading firm. ... lees verder
In this second Consensus 2021 episode, our guests address subtleties and niches within environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG). These range from indigenous resource allocation and tracking to building sustainable supply chains from the ground up and applying big data to consumer water conservation. ... lees verder
The auction house said "a milestone was reached in the adoption of cryptocurrencies." ... lees verder
The index company's Broad Digital Market tracker dives deep – very deep – into the digital asset universe, CoinDesk found. ... lees verder
There are some very good reasons, it turns out, rooted in our deep, totally irrational animal brains. ... lees verder
Never mind bitcoin on the balance sheet, a subsidiary of Europe’s biggest telco is taking a stake in DeFi. ... lees verder
Will wealth flow to layer 1 or layer 2? It depends on the use case, says a long-time observer and investor. ... lees verder
The bill, aimed to encourage the crypto mining industry in the state, now goes to the upper house for review. ... lees verder