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BUSD’s circulating supply fell to $15.4 billion on Wednesday, paring down $1 billion over the past week and $2 billion in a month, according to cryptocurrency price tracker CoinGecko. ... lees verder
A new nuclear-powered data center in Pennsylvania will host bitcoin mining. This is the first nuclear-powered bitcoin mine in the United States. Bitcoin mining is a historically pollution-filled industry, ... lees verder
Rebecca Barkin will retain her president title in addition to assuming the duties of CEO. ... lees verder
Bitcoin is taking a breather after leading a broader crypto rebound in January. The digital coin remains up by nearly 40% in January. ... lees verder
Glenn C. Williams Jr., CMT You need not look hard to find people calling bitcoin (BTC) a hedge against inflation, something that should rise in price if inflation is high. For years, that was a common ... ... lees verder