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Bitcoin price is still hovering around its long-term resistance and showing a short-term reversal formation.The post Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 07/20/2017 – Double Top In Sight! appeared first on NEWSBTC. ... lees verder
Overstock's investment arm has backed Symbiont following the successful passage of the Delaware blockchain amendments.Source ... lees verder
A security bug in a major ethereum wallet has resulted in the loss of $30 million in funds.Source ... lees verder
A Texas Congressman is seeking to make public his views on cryptocurrency regulation following a hearing in Washington.Source ... lees verder
The rising cryptocurrency usage in India, combined with Bitcoin’s rising price recently increased the government’s interest in the cryptocurrency market. In order to regulate the market, a committee was set up by the country’s Finance Ministry, which has been analyzing the cryptocurrency market, usage trends and the technology itself for few months. According to reports … Continue reading India Plans to Include KYC Norms for Bitcoin TransactionsThe post India Plans to Include KYC Norms for Bitcoin Transactions appeared first on NEWSBTC. ... lees verder
Coinbase users aren't backing down from an effort to shoot down an IRS subpoena seeking customer names and transaction data for an investigation on their potential tax liabilities. According to a new filing in the case, the U.S. Northern district court of California has granted a motion on behalf of a fourth anonymous Coinbase customer, identified as John Doe 4 in […]Source ... lees verder
A new report by a global industry association for securities exchanges focuses on blockchain adoption issues among its members.Source ... lees verder
A revision to domestic law in South Korea could soon set the stage for the nascent cryptocurrency industry to be regulated.Source ... lees verder