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After a big rally to start the year, Bitcoin may need dovish signals from the Federal Reserve and a smaller rate hike to keep rising. ... lees verder
Wybbo Wirsma, a Dutch native who lived in the U.K., was under investigation for five years until he pleaded guilty in an Oxford court on Thursday. ... lees verder
While debate surrounds whether the current BTC price rally is a breakthrough or a bull trap, market sentiment has skyrocketed to levels not seen since BTC was about $65,000, in November 2021. ... lees verder
Bitcoin is set for its best January since 2013 on bets that monetary tightening and the crypto-sector crisis are both ebbing. ... lees verder
The retail giant’s initiative, especially in NFTs, may force some regulatory clarity for digital assets. Cryptos surge in Sunday trading. ... lees verder
The Federal Reserve Board has denied Custodia Bank’s application for membership, claiming the crypto-focused institution’s “novel business model and proposed focus on crypto-assets presented significant safety and soundness risks.” ... lees verder