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Custodia's challenge of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City's decision to deny the crypto-friendly bank access to the Fed banking services can continue, a U.S. district court ruled Thursday, rejecting a Fed motion to dismiss the case. The U.S. District Court of Wyoming, however, did reject Custodia's request that the Fed be compelled to grant it a so-called master account and membership with the Fed, Instead, Custodia must continue its claims via normal channels. ... lees verder
Bitcoin and ether made out well this week, while newly targeted crypto coins named in the SEC's lawsuits and Coinbase itself took a hit. ... lees verder
High-end sex workers in the Netherlands are turning to bitcoin as a payment option with growing frequency, BNR reported. The media outlet surveyed eight escort companies that charge a minimum of 350 ... ... lees verder
During the past seven days, the price of LUNC, the cryptocurrency of Terra Classic, has displayed a back-and-forth movement characterized by alternating green and red candles. This pattern suggests a lack of dominance from buyers or sellers, indicating uncertainty in the market regarding the direction of the trend.  Related Reading: Bitcoin (BTC) Lower Timeframe Outlook: $26,800 Breakthrough Could Spark Rally The recent legal actions taken by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against prominent crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase could contribute to this hesitation among m ... lees verder
The order against Binance Nigeria Limited follows U.S. SEC allegations that the exchange had violated federal securities laws. ... lees verder
Ohioans may be surprised to learn the state is home to many leaders in bitcoing and blockchain technology development, Andrew Burchwell writes ... lees verder