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El Salvador President Nayib Bukele announced that his country’s bitcoin treasury plan has been profitable with “no intention of selling.” ... lees verder
SocGen said tokenized bonds provide greater transparency and traceability, as well as speedier transactions and settlements. ... lees verder
Circle Squared Alternative Investments founder Jeff Sica discusses bitcoin and whether it's a good time for investors to buy gold mining stocks on 'Varney & Co.' ... lees verder
The price of bitcoin soared above $40,000 on Monday, hitting its highest level in 18 months as investors look ahead to a lower interest rate environment and key regulatory approvals that could make ... ... lees verder
The Ethereum ecosystem is back on track with its mission to ensure that Ether is deflationary following a significant increase in the burn rate. Several factors are said to have contributed to this milestone, including voluntary exits by validators.  Over 106,000 ETH Burned In The Last 30 Days According to data from Ultra Sound Money, over 106,000 ETH have been burned in the last 30 days. In that same period, only just over 70,000 ETH have been issued. This has caused a significant decrease in Ethereum’s supply, with it being down by over 35,000 ETH.  Related Reading: The Big Move: Crypto Pun ... lees verder