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A top analyst who nailed the 2022 Bitcoin bottom believes that BTC bears have already surrendered their last line of defense. ... lees verder
XRP accounted for almost 40% of all trading activity on top South Korean exchanges from Tuesday to Thursday. Prices surged. ... lees verder
Former President Trump is hosting crypto-loving donors at a private fundraising event before he headlines the Bitcoin 2024 conference in Nashville this month. ... lees verder
Bitcoin’s price skyrocketed over 4% in just 24 hours, but is BTC overbought? As the market's top crypto, Bitcoin [BTC] led last week's bull run with a remarkable rally. But wait, there's more! New ... ... lees verder
Like the general crypto market, the price of Solana (SOL) witnessed significant growth over the past week. According to the latest on-chain data, this might only be the beginning for SOL’s price, with several indications of further upside potential for the altcoin. What’s Behind Solana’s Recent Price Climb? In a new report, blockchain intelligence firm Santiment offered insight into the recent price of Solana. According to the analytics platform, the price of SOL has swung upward by more than 33% since the 4th of July, rewarding investors who continued to bet big on it despite the sluggish ma ... lees verder
Bettors are placing their money on the service being fixed by the end of Friday, with a slight possibility of it happening by mid-day. ... lees verder