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Volatility is important because it directly impacts the future price trajectory of Bitcoin. High volatility increases the chances of major price swings, both to the upside and the downside. In short, ... ... lees verder
According to an on-chain report on Saturday, September 30, an address associated with the FTX exploiter became active for the first time in 10 months. As earlier reported, some 5,000 ETH (equivalent to $8.2 million) was transferred from the flagged address (identified as 0x3e9) to new addresses on Saturday. However, in the latest development, blockchain data tracker Spot On Chain revealed that the FTX exploiter has moved more than $17 million worth of Ether tokens in the past 24 hours. FTX Exploiter To Keep Moving Stolen Funds, Spot On Chain Speculates In one of the most significant exploits ... lees verder
Gemini said it is taking the step "due to requirements imposed by the De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)," ... lees verder
Sam Bankman-Fried cannot blame FTX's lawyers for its collapse or operations in his opening statements, though he can still try and make a so-called "advice-of-counsel" defense later, the federal judge overseeing his case ruled Sunday. ... lees verder
As the U.S. debt pile soars to a face-melting $33 trillion, fears are growing the U.S. has entered a "debt death ... ... lees verder
Perimeter Protocol, an open-source smart contract codebase dedicated to credit facilitation, is the first development of Circle Research. ... lees verder
As September comes to a close, Bitcoin is poised to end the quarter on a down note in its first quarterly decline this year. Most Read from BloombergEurope’s Richest Royal Family Builds $300 Billion F ... ... lees verder
The price of Bitcoin Cash has experienced significant rise over the course of the last 30 days, resulting in favorable returns for investors. Since July, BCH holders have continuously maintained a positive perspective, which has reduced the frequency of selling activity. This collective sentiment has played a significant role in the upward trajectory of BCH, consequently yielding favorable outcomes for these holders. The price of BCH has increased by about 13% over the previous week, giving it some of the biggest gains in the last seven days for cryptocurrency assets. According to CoinMarketC ... lees verder